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Anna la Germaine is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on fashion, fashion technology, luxury, and lifestyle. She was born in Ukraine and obtained her Master’s degree in international law from the University of Deusto in Bilbao and Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Anna’s love of creativity has led her to a career in fashion and luxury rather than one in law.


In 2010, Anna launched her own fashion brand, La Germaine, focused on evening wear and swimwear. The brand exists till today, having evolved into a boutique label catering to private clients for made-to-order evening and bridal gowns as well as customized men’s suits and shirts. In 2011, Anna simultaneously launched Fashion Politique Ltd. (London), and one of the first digital magazines dedicated to fashion, F'OLITIQUE.


The idea of the digital magazine was born out of la Germaine’s own struggles promoting her eponymous brand and the realization that there were other designers and emerging brands who were facing the same issues as well. 


Fashion Politique Ltd. (FP Ltd.) is a 360-degree company providing services in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industries. Founded by Anna la Germaine in 2011 in London, Fashion Politique operates 5 distinct but related companies under its umbrella:


  1. F'OLITIQUE Magazine

  2. FP PR&Media

  3. FP Events

  4. Alleé Germaine Virtual Shopping Street and Alleé Germaine Virtual Showroom

  5. URGENT PR  


The collective range of services provided by the 5 branches enables FP to work with small and large businesses alike, with an ethos rooted in providing highly personalized services to every one of our clients.


F'OLITIQUE Magazine is the first branch of Fashion Politique and was founded in 2011 with three primary goals:

  1. To focus on discovering new talents in fashion globally

  2. To curate the most relevant news in fashion business and fashion technologies

  3. To showcase inspirational and thoughtful lifestyles by producing superior editorial content


Over the years, F'OLITIQUE Magazine's research and editorials have covered fashion, luxury, and lifestyles in several countries, enabling a truly international network. Our endeavors have led to the development of strong relationships with a wide array of designers, celebrity stylists, editors, buyers, influencers, luxury hotels, and restaurants worldwide. 


F'OLITIQUE's international reach led to a logical expansion into the world of public relations, culminating in the launch of FP PR&Media in 2012. Since its inception, Fashion Politique PR&Media developed and delivered innovative and highly-effective communications strategies. FP PR&Media offers its clients a full suite of services such as press and media communications, collaboration with influencers, stylists, and buyers, as well as holistic brand development, and marketing and production. FP PR&Media reflects the reality that in order to effectively service large and small fashion houses, today's fashion PR agencies must provide the widest possible suite of media solutions and event production services.


FP Events serves as the event production arm of Fashion Politique. It manages the entirety of Fashion Politique's event management needs such as press days, store openings, brand launch events, fashion show production, press tours, etc. FP Events are highly-curated and memorable occasions designed to showcase FP clients' brilliance through unique kaleidoscopes. FP upcoming adventure slated for the Autumn of 2020 is a brand launch and international brand fair aboard the exclusive Orient Express on the Paris to Venice route.


Alleé Germaine consists of Virtual Shopping Street, a B2C marketplace, and Virtual Showroom, a B2B marketplace. Fashion Politique experience with F'OLITIQUE Magazine highlighted the appetite of consumers for well-crafted emerging brands but also highlighted the lack of market infrastructure to enable such brands to reach a global audience. This led to the creation of Alleé Germaine in 2012, which was designed not like a classical e-commerce offering, but as a marketing platform with integrated e-commerce capabilities that enabled designers/brands to sell directly to buyers and consumers. AG Virtual Shopping Street was one of the first marketplaces to portend the development of the direct-to-consumer engagement model.  Its next evolution, currently under development, will feature an integrated AI-drive Virtual Stylist that will learn consumers' tastes and help style their looks, enabling an immersive and enjoyable shopping experience that will significantly drive sales and delight customers.


The Alleé Germaine Virtual Showroom is an invitation-only website for buyers that facilitates wholesale transactions, enabling buyers to discover new brands and manage the entire order placement process.


URGENT PR is an automated PR service offering by Fashion Politique designed to facilitate the introduction of brands from all over the world to international editors, celebrities, stylists, influencers and buyers. This service provides an ideal platform for emerging brands that are not in a position to invest heavily in PR and marketing, but who would significantly benefit from such services from the very outset. This service provides a platform for clients to be noticed by key industry players. The service features a bi-monthly newsletter delivered directly to industry professionals (editors, influencers, buyers, stylists), with all necessary details about the featured brands, such as their media and sales kits. The service has received highly positive feedback from industry professionals who see this as a very effective means of staying abreast of up and coming brands.


In 2019, Anna founded Global Fashion Council by combining two projects: FASHION MATTERS, which aims to support charities through fashion and FASHION BUSINESS ACADEMY (FBA), an online learning platform delivering industry-led education to fashion entrepreneurs worldwide. FBA aims to arm entrepreneurs with the practical knowledge and tools required to succeed in the business of fashion. The curriculum is organized as a series of 21 modules whose content is prepared and delivered by leading industry professionals via video lectures and podcasts.


An avid traveler, Anna splits her time between New York, Milan, Florence, and London. She is passionate about cinema and has authored a film script, "The Goal", and two books that are nearing publication. She intends to delve into cinema more deeply in the future, aiming to produce films that capture the beauty of human endeavor, creativity, and fortitude. Anna is a keen equestrian, having ridden for nearly two decades. In her spare time, Anna is learning to fly small aircraft.

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