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Anna la Germaine

Anna la Germaine is a London-based entrepreneur specialized in Fashion, luxury,

and lifestyle. Her philosophy is human-centric and when back in 2011 she

founded Fashion Politique she stated:

"The fashion industry is crowded and might seem at times hectic and noisy

but in each individual, you can find a beautiful story"

Fashion Politique Ltd. operates as an umbrella company for four main activities:

FP PR & MEDIA, a business development, image creation, and media planning

customized consultancy agency.

URGENT PR, automated PR service, designed to facilitate the introduction of a brand to

international editors, celebrity stylists by placing its products on

celebrities and influencers.

F'OLITIQUE, a freshly renewed magazine that gives voice to the most opinionated figures

in fashion and the contemporary creative industries. 

ALLÉE GERMAINE, the upcoming virtual fashion street, and showroom to reinvent e-commerce

as well as the trade fair as we used to know it.

The pandemic was a terrible time for everyone but like any historic tipping point,

it is also a great opportunity for innovation. Anna says:

Let's make the world better!

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